And it's fixed! Just one annoyance left (can't dpms control a single monitor) and perfection will be achieved :)

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Hyprland is my new home. I was pissed at the huge CPU usage when idle, reported it, got told that's life. But then, they found it does not have to be life and fixed the issue. Butter smooth now!

Imagine a world where Elon Musk would shut his fucking mouth off?

Seems that Putler and Dump are fighting for the award of the biggest loser

@martijnbraam Oh.. how I wish for this. But being realistic, there is 99% chance this ends up as archived repo after 6 months...

@martijnbraam Forever I hope... I understand the heat mozilla is taking, and a lot is deserved, but what is the alternative? Brave and their crypto cancer? Yet another fork of Chromium?

@martijnbraam Well at least, you can continue to use adblockers on FF...

@primalmotion so it should join the same cemetery where all the other projects google killed are buried:

@aeris ah oui nan mais la si tu as des principes aussi :)

@aeris chuis pas persuade qu'ils soient plus competent a la DPO lol

@aeris la question que je me pose en lisant ca c'est est ce qu'il a vraiment ecoute? parce que bon. c'est tres souvent de l'incompetence plutot que de la malfaisance

Stadia's servers dead. lol. Who would have thougth?

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