Do you smell it? It's everywhere. The sweet smell of republican liars shitting their pants.

And the palm for the stupidest headline of the day goes to cnet

Amazon buys Roomba maker. Glad my Roomba has not seen the Internet for more than 3y now.

I never saw a physicist stating that gravity pulls down while another one argues that it pushes up. That's because Physics is science. It's an entirely different story with economists. That's because Economy is bullshit.

phoc 0.21.0 has been released, more stable than ever, paving the way for the imminent release of phosh that will bring a lot of goodies in :) Grab it at ➡️ @purism #linuxonmobile #mobile #gnu #linux #gnome #purism #librem5 #phosh #floss #wayland

Someone coined the term "geriatric oligarchy" to describe the state of the world we currently live in. I think this fits perfectly.

PMs are a plague in the industry. They are basically failed engineers explaining real engineers how they must do their job. Their source of knowledge is limited to what other PMs post on medium or twitter. They mix simplicity with stupidity. While I'm sure there are one or two in the back who actually know what their job really is about, but I never met one.

This comment by John Bolton reminded me of a "joke" some friends of mine had many years ago:

Q: What is the one country on Earth that never had a coup de etat?

A: The US. Because it is the one country on Earth that does not have a US embassy.

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The American Dream is just that. A dream. Maybe it's time to wake up and face American Reality.

PSA: a "Theory" is something that is generally admited to be true and verified through experimentations by multiple parties. The space jew laser gun, for example, is not a theory. It's (at most) an hypothesis (and a shit one)

Putin blames US for covid. Funny. Where did I already heard these kind of stupid hypothesis?

The fact that some people are worried indicting a former president could set a precedent is beyond me. Yeah. It would create a precedent: reminding the next guys that they can't do whatever the fuck they want, that they are not kings but accountable servants of the People and that if they try to screw us up, they're going to pay the price. How is that not a good precedent?

📱 On my way to #Debconf22 and it was the first time I could show the QR code of a train ticket on #phosh's lockscreen to the conductor (had to resort to unlock ➡️ nautilus ➡️ evince so far).

For that I stitched together a lockscren plugin that leverages #evince's libevince. Hope the other tickets will works just as well tomorrow.

#librem5 #linux #mobile #gnome @purism

Tu crois que cette caméra surveille les délinquants ?
Mais c'est toi qui est devant

Medal of Freedom for Steve Jobs. Freedom. Steve Jobs. Seriously?

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